To set the scene and give some background on each new KYB study, an introduction is available in audio and print versions for the current study as well as the previous studies.

Please note: We understand some visitors to this page are unable to access the Audio files if they are using an iPad. This seems to occur with older iPads. Unfortunately, we are unable to correct this problem. Anyone wanting to listen to the Introduction to Study. please give it time to load the file once you have selected the word "Audio" - it is a large file and requires several seconds to download.

We would point out that the View/Print file is an exact copy of the Audio facility.

1st Term 2018  **   Genesis Part 1 (Chapters 1-11) View/Print   Audio 
4th Term 2017  **  Solomon: kingdom and worship View/Print Audio
3rd Term 2017  **  The Holy Spirit View/Print  Audio 
2nd Term 2017 **  Haggai & Zechariah  View/Print  Audio